Your money can work for the PTSO!

If you would like to help coordinate a couple of minor fundraisers for the school year and update the Albertsons and Kroger fundraising program, please contact PTSO as soon as possible.  Due to nutritional restrictions we are limited as to what we may sell in the Dawg Store.  The lack of income may require us to host a few extra fundraisers a year.

Do you shop at Amazon??? Who doesn't?! Log in using your current Amazon username and password to and designate the PTSO as your chairity of choice! The PTSO will receive 0.5% of each purchase you make. We will only get this money if you log in from

PTSO knows you are busy so that's why we try to find easy and convenient ways to earn money. In addition to the easy money we earn just by shopping for groceries, we have a few ideas lined up for this year.  Your input is appreciated and if you would like to lead any of these fundraisers, please let us know at

Register your Kroger Plus card online and add MNHS PTSO as your designated charity! Our number to search is . The PTSO will receive a portion of what you spend each quarter at area Kroger Stores.


Pick up an Alberstons' key tag from the Dawg Store and use it every time you shop at Albertsons!

Would you like to help?  Have any fundraiser ideas?  Let PTSO know at!